Email Marketing Autoresponder Options

Email Marketing Autoresponder Options

Email Marketing
When it comes to email marketing businesses are concerned on whether they should use a single or double opt-in option. Some will say that using a double opt-in makes them lose subscribers – after all, how many people really take the time to click a link to confirm their subscription? That may be a good argument but it’s really a weak one if you think about it.

Anyone that is interested in receiving the information you’ll be sending is going to take the time to click the confirmation link. It’s pretty normal and standard these days so people are aware they have to confirm if they want to be added to your list.

There are several reasons you should use the double opt-in function.

  1. Canada’s new Anti-Spam Law. With the recent changes Canada has made and the implementation of their new Anti-Spam Law, double-opt in should be an absolute mandatory part of your email marketing campaign. To learn more about the new law (for Canada), check out this article: What You Need to Know About Canada’s Anti-Spam Law (CASL).
  2. Less chance of being flagged as a spammer. When people are required to confirm their subscription, your emails have less of a chance of being marked as spam.
  3. Better open rates. When people are required to confirm they want to receive your information and are willing to not only sign up for your list, but click that confirmation link, you know they truly want to see your emails. This means you’ll have better open rates.

These are just three of many reasons you should (or at least consider it) use double opt-ins for your email lists. It truly is the best way to not only protect yourself, but to ensure that only people who really are interested in what you have to say and want to be on your list, end up on your list.

If you need more proof that double opt-in is the way to go, look at some of these organizations that require people to confirm (double opt-in) when they sign up for their lists:

  • Oprah
  • Microsoft

And that’s just a few!

One other thing to keep in mind – yes, some people will sign up and still not click the confirmation link, it happens. But don’t fret. When it comes to email marketing and building your list, you want quality over quantity anyway. If you find that it’s happening often then you might want to put a note on your thank you page (You do have a thank you page you send people to after they sign up right?) telling people that they will receive an email shortly and to be sure they click on the confirmation link in it. Remember, sometimes people just need to be told what to do!


Wanda Baader

Wanda Baader is a online marketing expert, trainer, consultant and serial entrepreneur. She enjoys working with fellow entrepreneurs and small business owners who need help with social media, Wordpress website development and online branding.

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