Mastermind Groups


Looking to make a change in your business? We have new mastermind groups starting. If you are a business owner or entrepreneur and are looking to grow your business through brainstorming and support I invite you to apply.


Each meeting will allow participants equal time to explore their needs and to set their business goals. I will be the facilitator at each meeting to help keep track of the group’s progress and to ensure the conversation stays on track. The group as a whole will help each participant with their accountability while offering a safe and nurturing environment in which to foster new ideas and business opportunities.

Group participation does require a (3) month commitment and will consist of 4-6 members that will be in non-competing businesses. The cost to join is $25.00 per week and will be billed on a monthly basis. 


Two Options:

Monday Morning from 9-11 pm

Friday Evening from 3-5 pm


Wanda 500xIf you are interested please send a message thru our contact form or call me at 520.329.1210. 






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