Weekly Newsletter Planner


Weekly Newsletter Planner

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Create Your Plan of Action Today to Finally Get Your Newsletters Out

This eBook will provide you with a plan of action for getting out your weekly newsletters to your followers. No more hit or miss.

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The purpose of a regular newsletter is to provide outstanding value to your subscribers, not just repeated offers that do little but line your own pocketbook. Give readers a reason to look forward to your email, so they open it with anticipation every time it shows up in their inbox, and you’ll soon see your own ROI improving.

This product is the solution for your weekly newsletter planning. Just look at what you get. It’s all done for you.

The Newsletter Planner (37 pages)

  • Who Am I Writing My Newsletter To?

Worksheet Defining My Audience

  • Why Do People Sign up for MY List?

Worksheet: How Do I Stand Out?

  • Why Would People Want to STAY On My List?

Worksheet: What Great Content Do I Provide?

  • The Know, Like, Trust Factor

Worksheet: How Do Readers Know Me, Why Do They Like Me and Trust Me?

  • I am..

Worksheet: Discover What Me Unique and Create My Awesome Bio

  • Create Your Mailing Schedule

Worksheet: Determine Which Day and Time My Newsletter Will Be Sent

  • Content Planning & Your Promotional Calendar

Planner: Monthly Promotions Calendar

  • Content Planning & Your Editorial Calendar

Planner: Editorial Calendar

  • What Do You Want to Include in Each Newsletter?

Worksheet: Determine Sections to Include in Each Newsletter

  • Setting Up Your Newsletter the First Time

Worksheet: Setting up My About Me Section and Disclaimer

  • Your Weekly Newsletter Plan

Worksheet: What Will My Content Include?

  • Where to Find Ideas

Worksheet: Keep Track of Newsletter Ideas

  • Keeping Your Commitment

Staying Committed to Success



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