Using Articles to Market Your Business

Using Articles to Market Your Business

The Internet is filled with content. Content of all types can be found on websites and posted on forums. Just about any subject you are looking to learn about can be accessed on the Internet. Using articles to market your business is a free promotion that is highly effective.

What have you spent? You may have spent a few hours doing research on your topic and then you sat down to write some interesting content. The content was posted on your own site or sold to other sites that deal in buying articles.

The best way to use article marketing is to write about something that you know. A topic that is familiar offers a host of different spins on one subject that can be marketed in a variety of places. You can submit articles to online sites, e-zines, print magazines, and newsletters. Any one of these places will give your work more exposure.


Come up with several ideas for article content. Keep a notebook with you so that you can jot down article subjects and titles. If you are putting together several “how to” articles, keep a list of what to include in the articles. The more information that you have on hand, the quicker you will be able to produce an article.

Surf the Web to see what types of articles are out there. If the subject that you have chosen is pretty much done to distraction, choose something else to focus on. Most of us have more than one area of interest or expertise so we can use that to find another marketing avenue.

What about rewrites? If you are the owner of the content, exercise your right to use it again and rewrite it from another angle to get more use out of the subject. Tailor your articles to the specific guidelines of the site or publication where you will be submitting them for consideration.

Above all, don’t forget to plug your website or product at the end of the article. Most sites will let you have a small bio at the end. If they do, use it to the hilt. Always, always include a hyperlink to your website so that people can find you easily. They will want to read more on the subject and this can’t be done if they can’t locate your site.

A hyperlink will take them directly to the website. If you forget to use the http:// at the beginning, they will have to copy and paste into the browser. People want things to be as easy as possible and so do you if you want their traffic.

Article marketing is free and fun. Use the knowledge that you have gained on a particular subject to enhance your business and make you some money. People are always looking for good sources of information.

At Strategize Your Success we help women entrepreneurs, coaches and small business owners with strategic goal setting, marketing and planning.  We know what struggles you face and offer solutions to help make your business THRIVE. 


Wanda Baader

Wanda Baader is a online marketing expert, trainer, consultant and serial entrepreneur. She enjoys working with fellow entrepreneurs and small business owners who need help with social media, Wordpress website development and online branding.

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